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Various Entrance Award Applications!

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Various Entrance Award Applications!
by Patricia Rhodes - Wednesday, 4 May 2016, 9:36 AM

As of  May 1st the following entrance award applications are now available:

Knowledge First Foundation Entrance Award Value: $1,000 per award

1 award available More information.

Peninsula Co-op Entrance Awards Value: $1,000 per award

6 awards available More information.

Shirley & Harvey Pinch Entrance Award Value: $1,000 per award

6 awards available More information.

Thrifty Foods Entrance Award Value: $1,000 per award

5 awards available More information.

These entrance awards are for recent high school graduate students starting full time studies in the Fall semester at Camosun College (additional details available on their website).  Deadline to apply for all of these awards is: August 1, 2016.

**Take the time to apply!  Remember you miss out on 100% of all the scholarships and awards you don't apply for. **

 More information also available in the Career Centre

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