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Employers for TEX Students

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Employers for TEX Students
by Patricia Rhodes - Tuesday, 3 January 2017, 2:20 PM

Consider Working With Our Trades Exploration (TEX) Students!

Would you or your Trades-related company be willing to hire a TEX student achieving 85% or above and coming with a recommendation from the Camosun/Claremont Trades Exploration Program instructors?

These student(s) will have 1 month of hands-on instruction in:

  • Welding/ Machining

  • Carpentry

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

These student(s) will also:

  • have 1 week of full-time work experience in each trade

  • come with training in:

    - Fall Protection

    - WHIMIS

      - CSTS

These student(s) will also have their own basic tools and they will be ready for the workplace.

Please contact Garry Arsenault, Claremont Career Counselor, at 250 658 6679

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