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Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. Scholarships and Bursaries

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Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. Scholarships and Bursaries
by Patricia Rhodes - Tuesday, 2 May 2017, 9:05 AM

The newly formed Automotive Retailers Foundation (ARFI) is dedicated to promoting the Automotive Industry as a viable source of employment in British Columbia. Statistics show that there is an increasing demand for skilled labour in the Automotive Industry. Properly trained technicians will be able to find well-paid, life-long, viable employment in the Automotive Industry in B.C.


In order to help students to gain the training and experience they need to become certified technicians the ARFI is offering seven awards of $1,000 each. The awards comprise of two Scholarships and five bursaries.


In 2017, the following 7 awards will be offered:


ARFI - Bob Clarke Memorial $1000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - BC Auto Recyclers Bursary $1000 (quantity 2)

ARFI - Scholarship - Automotive Trades Development $1000 (quantity 2)

ARFI - Scholarship - Apprenticeship – 2nd year applicants $1000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - Scholarship - Apprenticeship – 3rd year applicants $1000 (quantity 1)


Here is the link to the outlines and application forms for the ARFI awards.

The Automotive Retailers Foundation (ARFI) governs all scholarships and bursaries (e.g.Bob Clarke Scholarship and BC Auto Recyclers Bursary) awarded through the Foundation. Governance is independent of any outside interest and remains solely in accordance with the Foundation’s articles of incorporation.