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Technologies Exploration 105 Course - Camosun- September 2017

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Technologies Exploration 105 Course - Camosun- September 2017
by Patricia Rhodes - Thursday, 4 May 2017, 11:02 AM

Students in Grades 10 to 12!  - There are still seats available for the September start of Camosun's South Island Partnership (SIP) TEAC 105 Course !

TEAC is a Dual Credit course that provides an introduction to careers and basic skills in Computer Science, Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. 

This 4-credit course, (2 from Claremont, 2 from Camosun), runs Friday nights from 3:30- 6:30 at the Camosun Interurban Campus for 12 weeks.

**Remember that with any SIP Course or Program, your only cost is the application fee and any necessary textbooks! 

Visit the Claremont Career Centre for more information and application packages. 


Check out TEAC 105 (2016) course outline below.  Please note dates mentioned do not apply to the September 2017 start.