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Canada's Most INFORMED Student Competition - ChatterHigh

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Canada's Most INFORMED Student Competition - ChatterHigh
by Patricia Rhodes - Tuesday, 5 April 2016, 9:43 AM

Grade 11's - Could YOU be Canada's most INFORMED student?

One more week until the qualifying round of "Canada's Most Informed Student” competition kicks off! It starts April 11th and runs until May 20th.   During this time period, all grade 11 students are invited to explore post-secondary and career information in ChatterHigh's daily activity.

Simply do the daily quiz during the competition dates. Students who answer 75% of questions correctly and advance into grade 12 in the fall will participate in the finals. A Leaderboard will tell your ranking and show the top performers.  The finals will take place next fall with top students receiving scholarships!


Although this competition is only for grade 11 students, ChatterHigh can be used by all middle school and high school students as a fun way to explore future post secondary options.

Find out more here.

Good Luck!