Applying for a Scholarship

When can I apply for scholarships? When should I start applying for scholarships? How early should I apply for scholarships?

  • Students can apply for scholarships year round.

What are the deadlines for applications? When are deadlines for most scholarships?

  • Although many scholarships have deadlines in April and May, deadlines for scholarships are scheduled throughout the calendar (not school) year.
  • Many universities have the same deadline for entrance scholarships and self reporting.
  • However, universities and colleges will have a variety of deadlines for different scholarships (e.g., UBC has Dec. 1)

When is it too late to apply for scholarships?

  • Ensure that applications have time to be received by scholarship selection committees.
  • Determine whether an application will be accepted if it is:
    • completed online,
    • emailed,
    • mailed by Canada Post,
    • couriered,
    • or hand delivered, etc.
  • Scholarship applications must be received by their deadlines. Do not expect requests for deadline extensions to be acknowledged or accommodated.
  • It is important to read a scholarship’s criteria for deadlines and methods of receipt.
  • A deadline can be very precise. (e.g., LORAN no later than 4:30 p.m.)
  • Determine whether applications:
    • must be received by the deadline or
    • must be postmarked by the deadline

How do I apply for scholarships? How do we apply for non-government scholarships? Where do I send my application, to you, or directly to the company?

  • The method of application depends on the scholarship. However, most scholarship applications need to be sent to the sponsor. Read the application forms for specific instructions and addresses.
  • Some scholarship applications are submitted to the Claremont scholarship counsellor. These include the Philanthropic Educational Organization, Canadian Federation of University Women, and District /Authority scholarships as well as some scholarships administered by School District #63 (e.g., Joy Paquin, Monk Office Supply)

Does it make more sense to apply for scholarships directly from the universities I’m applying to or should I look for other outside (private) scholarships? Do you suggest going after all the little scholarships or just put time and effort into the big ones?

  • Apply for as many scholarships as you can as long as you meet the criteria.
  • Sometimes, it may be worthwhile to apply for scholarships even if you partially meet the criteria.
  • Competition for scholarships is significant; apply for any for which you even marginally qualify.

Are there scholarships that can be collected in grade 11?

  • There are a few scholarships available to students prior to grade 12.
  • Some of these are based on an applicant’s age and achievements rather than grade.
  • (e.g., Beacon Community Service’s Hearts of the Community Student Volunteer scholarship, Soroptomist’s Violet Richardson Scholarship )
  • look for more information on professional scholarship websites or in the “District Handbook” in section for Scholarships Prior to Graduation.

Is there a limit to the amount of scholarships I can apply for or receive?

  • There is actually no limit to the number of scholarships that any student can receive.
  • However, some donors might stipulate that they will only award students that have not previously received a scholarship of equal or greater amount.

Last modified: Friday, 9 December 2016, 11:28 AM