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    • Grad 2021 - Important Dates to Remember

      Important Dates to Remember

      DUE NOW                               Yearbook Writeup (Done through Grad Web Page)

      Tuesday, April 13th                Grad Pack #1 due in.

                                                      See Grad Page, must be signed in to website.  Details listed below.


      Thursday, April 22nd             Grad Assemblies in Big Gym or Zoom.  Important to be available.

                                                      "Grad Pack #2" to all Grads

      •  Nominations for M/C’s and Valedictorian
      • Cheryl Arnold Award nomination
      • Sign up for Crossing of the Stage with Full Details
      • Sign up for BCEiD (Student Transcript Service)


      Friday, April 30th                    Grad Pack #2 due in from all Grads

      Monday, May 3rd

      Friday, May 7th                       Grad Spirit Week

      Monday, May 3rd – 5th           Online Silent Auction

      Friday, May 7th                       Announce Grads selected to special positions (Valedictorian, MC’s)


      Fri May 14th –

      Sun May 16th                          Crossing the Stage Filming

      • Friday May 14th        5pm - 9pm
      • Saturday May 15th   10am - 6pm  
      • Sunday May 16th     10am - 6pm


      Students will have booked times for filming no later than Friday April 30th

      Appointments are booked in 20 minute intervals with 6 students per time slot.

      Following Provincial Health Orders the school will determine how many family members can attend for the filming.

      A Professional Photographer will be taking photos of the Grad and Family following the “Crossing the Stage” filming for the Graduation Video.


      Monday, May 17th –

      Friday May 21st                       Filming of all musical performances for Graduation Video.


      Monday, June 14th                 Sign up for "Grad Walkthrough"  on Graduation Day, June 29th.  Link for Grads will be on Grad Web Page.


      Friday, June 18th                     Sign up for “Grad Walkthrough” closes.  All Students must sign up for a timeslot on the Grad Web Page.


      Friday, June 25th                     Final curriculum Completion Day for Q4;   We are planning  to have a Grad Day, pending Provincial Health Orders.


      Tuesday, June 29th                 Graduation Walkthrough (Students must be booked by June 18th) Graduation Ceremony Video goes live approximately 5-5:30.  Time is to be determined by a possible After Grad Event following Walkthrough dependent on Provincial Health Orders

      Grad 2021 Fundraising

      • ONLINE SILENT AUCTION less than a month away, May 3-5.
      • The Fundraising and Silent Auction team are actively looking for more donations for the Silent Auction.
        So many businesses have already been so generous….Oasis Spa, Country Grocer, Magnolia Hotel, Sound Advice Saanich Recreation, Sabhi Thai, Wildwood Outdoor Living, Moon Under Water, Country Bee,  Red Barn, Jenner Chevrolet Buick, Ardmore Golf Course, Pagliacci, Branded Athletics, Victoria Landscaping, Fenwick Baths, Wild About Plants and Many More!!  We are so thankful to all!!

      • For the month of April, Oasis Spa is donating 1 dollar from every service to the Grads!  Stop by and get your spring pedicure this month!
      • Smile Cards are still available for parents of Grads to pick up


      GRAD Package - Part 1       DUE DATE April 13th

      This information is posted on the Grad Page and the students must be logged in to read the entire document.   This has been posted here for information for Parents.

      To the Grads of 2021

      Graduation again this year is not what we expected but we are working very hard behind the scenes to make this as memorable a day as possible for you.  A Grad Assembly is going to be taking place on Thursday, April 22, 2021 and it is important that you are there to get the details around your graduation. More details will come in regards to your assembly time.  This electronic Grad Package replaces the paper version used in previous years and will be given to you in 2 parts. 

      The information in "Grad Package - Part 1" is very important for you to complete by next week, due Tuesday April 13, 2021.

      But first, before you begin this form you must think about a message you want everyone to hear when your photo is shown in the Virtual Ceremony Grad Movie.  Normally this is an appreciative message that takes about 15 seconds to read or is approximately 250 characters in length.  Also, you will need to upload two photos, one as a baby or toddler and one of your favourite photos of you from middle school.

      Please think of your message and find the two photos before you begin to complete this form.  Thank you.

      1.         Grad 2021 Slideshow Virtual Ceremony Photos - DUE DATE April 13th

      Each year at the beginning of the ceremony an amazing slide show of pictures throughout your years of school is shown to family and friends.   This year we will also be using your photos in the 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

      Provide us with ONLY 2 of your best photos from different times of your life, from that adorable baby or toddler picture and one of your favourite middle school moments. We want to have every student recognized in the slideshow.  These photos will be used in the virtual ceremony along with your Grad Photo and your Grad Introduction.


      2.         2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony Musical Performers - DUE DATE April 13th

      Traditionally at Claremont, Performances have been incorporated into the Graduation Ceremony Program. 

      This is a tradition that we would like to continue for our Virtual Ceremony.  If you would like to perform as an individual or group, please submit your name(s) below. You will need to perform in a safe manner.

      The performance should be upbeat and represent the graduating class.  All Performers must be from the Graduating Class.  Mrs. English will be in touch with you in regards to a virtual audition.

      All performances will be recorded by a professional videographer.


      3.         2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony Introduction - DUE DATE April 13th

      It's now time to prepare your introduction for the 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

      This grad introduction will be read as you are virtually cross the graduation stage. Your name will be read out and then your introduction will be read as photos of you are shown to the audience.

      It is very important for your writeup to be tasteful.  A grad ceremony is a formal event and a committee edits the introductions and deletions will be made as needed.  This is your opportunity to thank anyone important to you or tell us what your future plans are.  

      All grad write-ups are limited to 15 seconds or about 250 characters (this includes spaces and punctuation as well as individual letters) and must be submitted by Tuesday, April 13, 2021.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

      Please keep in mind that we are not able to accept any write-ups that are not submitted through this Grad Package.

      A writeup is REQUIRED for all Grads and one will not be created for you. 

      If you are unsure about what to write contact one of your English teachers, I am sure they are willing to help you if you ask really nice.

      Examples of Introductions:

      Example 1

      XXXX is excited to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree at UBC next year. She would like to thank her wonderful family, friends, and all the dedicated coaches and teachers who made the past four years so memorable!      

      Example 2

      XXXX will study Environmental Studies and Economics this fall at the University of Victoria. xxxx would like to thank her teachers at the Institute for Global Solutions, who truly changed her perspective, objectives and possibilities.


      Example 3

      XXXX would like to thank her parents for always being supportive and encouraging. She also wants to give a shout out to all of her friends for making her laugh and smile everyday, as well as the teachers who patiently answered her many, many questions!


      Example 4

      Walking into the first day of grade 9 XXXX knew two people today she feels so lucky to be crossing the stage with all of her best friends she has met over these last 4 years.  One last cheers to Grad 2021 ,

      Thanks to everyone for making it so memorable!