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    May 2023

    General news and announcements

    CPAC is the organized voice of parents on matters relating to your student's secondary education.

    All parents/guardians are entitled to be members and are encouraged to attend PAC meetings, school events, and volunteer in support of students

    The next PAC Meeting will be in September, 2023

    In person in our Learning Commons as well as virtually through MS TEAMS. 

    Please register your email at

    in order to receive CPAC News (ie. PAC meetings, School Appreciation Events, Conferences, etc.).

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Parental Involvement - Together, we make a difference.

    As a parent, you really do make the biggest impact on your child’s life.

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    CPAC Communication - May 15th, 2023
    by Claremont PAC - Monday, 15 May 2023, 5:55 PM

    Claremont PAC AGM Meeting - May 16 @ 7pm (Learning Commons/MS Teams)

    Just a reminder of the CPAC AGM (new school year) tomorrow night. Voting will take place for the new CPAC Exec.


    President- Marian Greco

    Co-President- Richard Anthony 

    Vice-President- Kelly Perry

    Treasurer- Don Mellings


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