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    September, 2022

    General news and announcements

    CPAC is the organized voice of parents on matters relating to your student's secondary education.

    All parents/guardians are entitled to be members and are encouraged to attend PAC meetings, school events, and volunteer in support of students.  

    WELCOME to all Parents and a new school year!

    Next PAC Meeting is October 18th at 7-8pm. Invite details to come.

    CPAC Exec Roles - 2022/23 - are you interested in getting more involved with the school this year? 

    AGM Voting for the new CPAC will be in the October PAC Meeting.

    Please reach out with any nominations to be part of the team!

    Still looking for volunteers for the roles: Secretary, COPACS Representative and Members at Large

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    "Parental Involvement - Together, we make a difference."

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    CPAC Communication - September 22nd, 2023
    by Claremont PAC - Thursday, 22 September 2022, 12:23 PM

    CPAC Exec Roles

    Are you interested in getting more involved with the school this year? Our CPAC nomination committee wants to hear from you. We need volunteers for these possible roles: VP, COPAC representative, Secretary and additional Members at Large.

    Thank you to parents who have ...

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