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Friday Jan 6 News

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Friday Jan 6 News
by Andrea Martin - Friday, 6 January 2017, 9:34 AM

Friday January 6, 2017

Tree-Chipping Fund-Raiser
The Key Club will be running their tree chipping fundraiser this weekend: January 7 & 8 from 10:00-4:00 pm in the student parking lot. Suggested donation is $5 per tree. Proceeds will go to all the charities and organizations we support. Thank you to Cordova Bay Tree Service for providing/donating the chipping service.

Courage To Come Back Awards
Have you been inspired by someone who has overcome illness or adversity and quietly goes about making the world a better place for all of us?  The Courage to Come Back Awards recognize British Columbians who have overcome adversity or illness and have gone on to help others.  Recipients are selected in each of the following categories: Addiction, Mental Health, Social Adversity, Medical, Physical Rehabilitation, and Youth. For more information, or to submit a nomination, go to CourageToComeBack.ca  Deadline for nominations is February 8th.

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No news today.

Junior "B" Girls Basketball

Junior "B" Girls Basketball practice is TODAY at lunch in the small gym.  Please bring in your hoodie money. Next game is on MONDAY, Jan. 9th at Reynolds. We also practice on THURSDAY, Jan. 12th after school.

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GRAD 2017
Grad Portrait Retakes: Jan 12 & 13

Grads!  If you missed getting your grad photos done in the Fall, or if you need retakes, Lifetouch will be at Claremont for two days only next week:  January 12 & 13.  Please book with Lifetouch online through their website: www.lifetouch.ca/victoria

Dry Grad 2017
Thrifty Cards now available!  Please support Dry Grad by grocery shopping with one of our cards!  Contact Kari at 250-415-7948 or by email at kari.erickson@gov.bc.ca

Another way to support Dry Grad is for your business to sponsor some of the entertainment, and take the write-off!  Contact Marlene and Lori at claremontdrygrad@gmail.com for details.

Everyone is welcome at our Dry Grad Committee meetings.  Come and see how you can get involved!  The next meetings are Jan. 17 and March 14 at 7:00 in the Claremont Learning Commons.

See our page for more info on the Claremont School Website under the Parents tab (All Night Dry Grad).

Grad Transitions
Grads: remember, Grad Transition is a grad requirement. Get your forms completed and handed in to the Career Centre as soon as possible, while you can still choose who you have your interview with. 

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