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Wednesday Sept 6

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Wednesday Sept 6
by Andrea Martin - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 4:25 PM

Wednesday September 6, 2017


Please return your Locker Forms to your HomeRoom teacher and return all other forms to the office. There will be bins outside the office window to drop your forms into.

How to Stay Informed
You can get all the latest news and important notices as soon as it gets posted to our website sent directly to your email.  Signing up is easy.  The link is on the Claremont website.  Select the information you want to receive by submitting your email address.

Photo Day
School photos will be taken next week on THURSDAY morning September 14.  Every student in every grade needs a photo taken for school I.D. purposes, even if you do not plan to purchase photos.

Student Parking
Reminder to all students who are driving cars to school:  all cars must be registered if you are parking in the student parking lot.  Please come to the office to pick up your registration form.  Students are NOT permitted to park in the staff parking lot at any time. 

Lunchtime Cafeteria
The lunchtime cafeteria will be up and running starting MONDAY.  The first few days will be pizza only, but you can soon look forward to a range of great lunch treats: sandwiches, wraps, soups, treats, etc. The cafeteria is a cash only service.  For student convenience, Cafeteria “Punch Cards” are available through the Accounting Office for $5, $10, and $20.

First Student Gov't Meeting

All students are welcome to be a part of the Student Government. Come TUESDAY Sept. 12Th  to the Theatre at lunch and see what greats things we have planned this year and how you can be part of it!  

No news today.

Fall Sport Teams - Meetings and Tryouts

Junior Boys Volleyball (Mr Cherry, community coach) - Will likely start tryouts next TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY after school with . There will likely be two teams at the Jr Boys level. Specific details to follow.
Junior Girls Volleyball  (Mr Freeburn) - tryouts will be this WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY after school. There will be two teams.
Senior Boys Volleyball (Mr. Ryan) - tryouts next week TUESDAY and THURSDAY, likely at 5:20.
Senior Girls Volleyball - Ms. Tuck and Mrs. Heppell - tryouts begin this week THURSDAY (small gym) after school and and FRIDAY (main gym) after school.
Field Hockey (Ms Taylor) -  meeting on THURSDAY, Sept. 7 at the beginning of lunch in the small gym.  New players welcome.  The first practice is on MONDAY, Sept. 11 after school, possibly at Lochside.  
Junior Boys Soccer (Mr Mitchell and Mr Earnshaw) - listen for announcements for first tryout next week.  Likely MONDAY and WEDNESDAY after school.
Senior Boys Soccer (Ms. Yager and Mr Ravenhill) - tryouts next week TUESDAY and THURSDAY after school.
Rowing (Mr DeLeeuw and Mrs. Harris) - THURSDAY after school in PE hallway - open to all students, not just academy students.
Swim (Mrs Marshall) - listen for announcements for a meeting later next week. Open to all students, not just academy students.
Cross Country (Mr Nelson and Mr Dunlop). There will be a meeting THURSDAY at lunch in room 137 and a practice after school.

No news today.

GRAD 2018
No news today.

No news today.

Check Brenda's board every day for news.

*If you need a reminder about any of this information, the daily announcements are posted outside of the front office.*