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C.A.F. (Army Reserves) - Artillery Soldier

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C.A.F. (Army Reserves) - Artillery Soldier
by Patricia Rhodes - Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 11:34 AM

Get paid as you train to be an ARTILLERY SOLDIER with the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve!  You will operate the 105mm howitzer as part of the Gun Detachment.

An Artillery Soldier is responsible for carrying out the duties of a Gun detachment member. This can include working on the Gun itself or using small arms as part of the defense of the gun. Later on in your career you will be able to be part of the Command Post technicians and the Recce Teams. You will be highly trained in Fire Discipline. You will work in roles that include but are not limited to:
* Gun Detachment Member
* Command Post Technician
* Recce Technician
* Observation Detachment Member
* Driver and Signaler

The pay scale is available on the FORCES.CA website.

A successful candidate must:
* be a Canadian Citizen
* be 16 years of age or older (with parental or guardian consent if under 18)
* meet Canadian Armed Forces medical standards
* successfully complete selection process, interview and examinations
* pass physical fitness tests
* the minimum required education to apply for this position Grade 10.

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