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Careers in Aviation & Aerospace

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Careers in Aviation & Aerospace
by Patricia Rhodes - Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 1:52 PM

"Aircraft Cockpits are Calling",  an article by David Carr in WINGS Helicopters: Careers in Aviation & Aerospace publication, emphasizes an industry-wide demand for new pilots.  Shortages are even impacting flight schools that are on the lookout for instructors!

An estimated 36,000 registered aircraft in Canada, (both fixed-wing & rotary), are calling for crews!

There are two parts to learning how to fly; flight training and ground school.  Transport Canada has an online Flight Training Units Search tool to help find schools that offer the precise type of training a student is looking for. (ref: CIA 2018)

Consider learning more about planning a career in the Aviation or Aerospace industry -  the sky's the limit!

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