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Monday May 6 News

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Monday May 6 News
by Andrea Martin - Monday, 6 May 2019, 10:08 AM

Monday May 6, 2019

Measles Catch-up for Students in Grades 10 to 12

In the next few day, watch for immunization consent packages to come home for students in grades 10 to 12 who are unimmunized or under immunized for Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR). Please discuss the information in the consent package and involve your child in the decision to provide consent to immunization.  Immunizations will be provided at Claremont school for students in grades 10 to 12 on TUESDAY May 28, 2019.

Although a child may be immunized with the consent of a parent/guardian or representative, a student in grade 9 or older can make an informed decision regarding immunization regardless of parental consent or refusal. This is referred to as “mature minor consent.”

Students who are up to date for Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) will receive a record of immunization. Please keep this record to provide to your child’s school this fall.  First Nations children who receive health services in their communities, may be able to access immunization records and services at their Community Health Centers.

For more information:
· Refer to HealthLinkBC file # 14a “Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine” available at: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/measles-mumps-rubella-vaccine
· Refer to HealthLinkBC file # 119 “The Infants Act, Mature Minor Consent and Immunization” available at: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/infants-act-mature-minor-consent-and-immunization.

Contact the Peninsula Health Unit at 250-544-2400 to discuss further.

Biological Expedition to Mexico – Info May 7
For all grade 9/10/11 students interested in a 2-week biological expedition to Mexico in July 2020 to explore the Mayan culture, jungle and coral reefs: there is an important meeting on TOMORROW (Tuesday) lunch in room 203. See Ms. McAvoy or Mr. Homan for more information.

Last Day to Drop Classes – May 24
The last day to drop classes for this semester so that they don’t show up on your transcript is FRIDAY May 24.

Claremont Year-Long Drama
Claremont's Year-Long Drama program presents the play, “Daisy Pulls It Off”.  It is a play about life in a 1920s English Boarding School. Part-comedy, part-drama; the play is appropriate for all ages.  Nightly @ 7:30pm, May 15-17 and May 22-25.  All tickets are $10 at the door.

No news today.

No news today.

Job Opportunities

Please see the Career Centre for more information.
Westshore MX is looking for part time and full time dirt bike track workers for this season. Duties vary from track worker, reception and store, bike repairs, help teaching new people riding skills, and more!Must be able to work with the public, work outside, have interest in dirt bikes and or want to learn about motocross in general. 

Kids Klub Centre is looking for fun, energetic and dedicated staff between the of ages 16 and 18 years old to join  their fun summer staff team at various locations around Greater Victoria.  $12.65 /hr, 
30 hours/week, July-August.

Volunteer Opportunity
May 11th is the 9th annual Anneswer To Cancer fundraising event, taking place at Finlayson Turf Field. This event has raised over $330,000 to date for Victoria Hospice, and they're looking for volunteers to help with face painting, loading, unloading etc.  A volunteer hours letter for hours can be provided upon request. Please visit the Career Centre volunteer posting for more information.

GRAD 2019
Dry Grad Meeting – May 7
Invitation to Grade 11 Parents

The 2019 Dry Grad Committee would like to invite grade 11 parents to come observe and learn what it takes to put on this event. For over 15years, Claremont parents have been hosting dry grad and we feel this would be a great opportunity to gain insight into the preparation and planning it takes to make this so much fun.  We have been fortunate to have on our committee a number of parents who participated in prior years events and their knowledge has been invaluable. Please join us on Tuesday, May 7th @ 7pm in the Learning Commons

All Night Dry Grad – Packages Due May 10
The deadline has been extended. Registration packages are being accepted until May 10.  We have an amazing all night event planned for our Grads. For details about the event, go to the Claremont website, click ‘Parents’ and the ‘All Night Dry Grad’.

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Peninsula Youth Clinic

The Peninsula Youth Clinic is located at Peninsula Medical, 2a-2379 Bevan Avenue, Sidney and is open every THURSDAY from 5:30 - 7:30pm with both a doctor and mental health clinician on hand.

*If you need a reminder about any of this information, the daily announcements are posted outside of the front office.*