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Monday May 11 News

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Monday May 11 News
by Andrea Martin - Monday, 11 May 2020, 10:46 AM


Monday May 11, 2020

GRAD 2020

Grad 2020 Parents (Zoom) Meeting

Tomorrow Night (TUESDAY May 12) @ 7pm

Allison Dawson (grad parent) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Here is the Zoom meeting link:


Meeting ID: 598 659 8273
Password: 2ypBQH

All grade 12 parents are welcome. This is a great way to stay connected and hear the latest status update for our grads. Looking forward to seeing you all virtually.

Grad Transition Deadline – May 15

Reminder to Grads that the deadline to submit your Grad Transition is the end of this week (May 15). Submit your completed forms and resume (or send any questions) to Cammie Watson, Career Centre Assistant: cwatson@saanichschools.ca

You can take a picture of your forms and email them if you don’t have a scanner.

Your three GT components include:

1) Community Connections- Participate in at least 30 hours of volunteer or work experience and/or community service, and describe what was learned. Please note: If you haven't worked or volunteered before Spring Break this year, you can do meaningful work and/or volunteering at home or in other venues that are appropriate to the current social distancing environment. Parents/Guardians can sign your form regarding your work/volunteer hours.

2) Exit Interview - Your interview can take place remotely by a Claremont staff member, or  at home with your parent/guardian.

3) Resume - Submit your resume regarding past, current, or future employment. There are many great online resources about resumes, as well as design templates.

Deadline to Apply for District Scholarships – May 15

All students interested in scholarships should be enrolled in the Scholarship Google Classroom (code: 3aebjuh) managed by Mrs. Loukes (jloukes@saanichschoolc.ca). The deadline for District Authority Scholarships is midnight Friday, May 15. All things Scholarship can be found in the Google Classroom, including information on some community bursaries.