• Drafting, Design, and Engineering


                                            Please note:  Individual units may look slightly different this year as we adapt to our new schedule

                                                             Our Drafting course at Claremont is designated by levels of experience.

                                                             Students are enrolled in Level 1 if they have never taken a Drafting course

                                                             before regardless of grade level. 

                                                             Student will receive credit for whichever grade they have enrolled.

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        Drafting Course Outlines

      The courses offered in Drafting at Claremont start at Level 1 regardless of the grade in which you are enrolled. Typically classes are a mixture of students at different levels.

      Level 1:

      1) Starts with developing basic understanding of objects in different views such as orthographic and isometric.

      2) Students then start drawings with pencil, paper, and standard drafting tools to develop basic drawing skills such as line density, hidden lines, sectionals, and dimensioning through a series of drawings. Students will also have a small number of free hand drawings to do to develop some basic art skills.

      3) Students will move into the study Architecture drawings. We discuss basic home design and learn about some standard design practices. Students will be able to design and draw a small house of their own design including floor plans and sectionals.

      4) Students move onto computers and work with Vectorworks software to develop 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) through a set of small assignments.

      5) Students use their recently acquired computer skills to design a large, 2 storey 3D house.

      6) The final unit of the course will consist of using Google Sketchup (a free software package) to do a set of assignments. The final assignment will be to design a product and have it 3D printed.

      Level 2 or 3:

      1) Students work on computers on a variety of Architectural and Engineering assignments. Some assignments may not be solely computer based such as 3D modelling and sketching. They continue to use Vectorworks software but soon progress into AutoCAD and Inventor software packages.

      Many times students have individual programs developed for their particular interests.

      • Engineering: Design, Electronics, and Robotics