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Tuesday Jan 10 News

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Tuesday Jan 10 News
by Andrea Martin - Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 9:55 AM

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

International Peer Helpers

For all International Peer Helpers: there is a meeting TODAY at lunch in the Learning Commons.

Exam Schedule
The exam schedule has been posted on the Claremont website.  Please triple check the dates and times of your exams to make sure you are ready.

Music Cafe – Jan. 19th
Are you interested in performing in the Claremont Music Cafe?  Contact Mrs. English by this THURSDAY Jan.12th.  The Music Cafe will be next THURSDAY January 19th @ 7pm

Math Contests
Math contests look great on scholarship applications and resumes, but if you've never tried one, the idea can be intimidating.  The Pascal, Cayley and Fermat contests are coming up, and they are probably the best ones to try if you've never done one before.  They are grade-specific, for grades 9-11, only 60 minutes long, and you are allowed a calculator.  Sign up in the Math wing on the contest board, or talk to either Mr. Skanks or Mr. Paananen if you have any questions.

Bake Sale – Thursday
There will be a bake sale this THURSDAY at lunch.  Bring along your sweet tooth and support the CSI swimmers.

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Job Opportunity
Someone is needed for yard maintenance and odd jobs in Sidney, 2-3 hours, twice monthly.  NO lawn cutting required. $15.00 per hour.  Please visit the Career Centre for more information.

GRAD 2017
Grad Portrait Retakes: Jan 12 & 13

Grads!  For photo retakes, Lifetouch will be at Claremont for two days only this THURSDAY & FRIDAY, January 12 & 13.  Please book with Lifetouch online through their website: www.lifetouch.ca/victoria

Dry Grad 2017
Thrifty Cards now available!  Please support Dry Grad by grocery shopping with one of our cards!  Contact Kari at 250-415-7948 or by email at kari.erickson@gov.bc.ca

Another way to support Dry Grad is for your business to sponsor some of the entertainment, and take the write-off!  Contact Marlene and Lori at claremontdrygrad@gmail.com for details.

Everyone is welcome at our Dry Grad Committee meetings.  Come and see how you can get involved!  The next meetings are Jan. 17 and March 14 at 7:00 in the Claremont Learning Commons.

See our page for more info on the Claremont School Website under the Parents tab (All Night Dry Grad).

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Check Brenda's board every day for news.