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Wednesday June 21 News

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Wednesday June 21 News
by Andrea Martin - Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 10:06 AM

Wednesday June 21, 2017

Grads of 2018

Two very important messages for the Grads of 2018:
1) The online colour vote is still on .  To vote, you must be logged into your Google account online then log into the school website.  The link is right on the front page.   Deadline is 1:00 pm TODAY.
2) 2018 Grad pinnies can be purchased in the student lounge during exam week.  Pinnies are $25 each.

Spend Spring Break 2018 visiting Spain and France!!  See Ms. Harte for full details room 303. It's a trip of a lifetime!!

Yearbooks This Week!
All grades: If you missed picking up your yearbook, they will be handed out again TODAY at lunch in the Spartan Store

Final Exams
The schedule for final exams is on the Claremont website.  Please triple check the list to make sure you are ready to write exams on the right day at the right time.

Report Cards
Grade 12's only: will receive their report cards at the graduation ceremony on THURSDAY June 29.
Grades 9-11:  FRIDAY June 30.  9:30-11:00. Report cards will be distributed in the Student Lounge.
Leftover report cards will be available in the office (date change) WED July 5 and THURS July 6, and then in September. 

Remember to EMPTY out your lockers during exam week!  Take your lock home and write down the combination so you remember it in September.

Peninsula Youth Health Clinic
There is a new Peninsula Youth Health Clinic, located at the Ocean Pier Medical Clinic, (#207-2537 Beacon Avenue in Sidney).  Every THURSDAY through June and July, 6-8pm, this clinic offers completely free and confidential service in the areas of physical, sexual, and mental health for youth.  Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, call or text 250-216-8389.

No news today.

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GRAD 2017
Grad 2017 Banquet Table Sign-Up

Grads: This is your chance to plan who you will be sitting with at the grad banquet.  Tables can seat 12 people.
WHEN: Lunch time TODAY only!!
WHERE: Room 303
HOW: Pick up a sign-up form from the office, list the names of all grads and guests who wish to sit together (include first and last names) -maximum is 12.  One grad represents the group and submits the list. Make sure all of your group members have agreed to be in your group!!
If you don’t sign up by the end of lunch TODAY, a table will be assigned for you.

Dry Grad Tickets
Grads:  Please check the posted lists of who has purchased Dry Grad tickets to make sure your name is on the list!! There is a list by the office and another at Mr P's Help Desk in the Student Lounge.  If your name is on the list, you HAVE paid for the Dry Grad.

Speakers at Grad
Any grads who have speaking roles at the graduation ceremony: please come to the office to speak with Mrs Knapp about an important meeting.

Baby Photos for Slide Show
Grade 12's, if you submitted baby photos for the grad slide show, PLEASE come by the office to pick them up.  They are ready to be returned to your family photo albums.

Leaving Surveys & Check-Lists

International students NOT returning to Claremont in September:  please complete the Leaving Survey, "How Was Your Stay?"  on the SISP website.
Also, please return your International Leaving check-list to Brenda.

Check Brenda's board every day for news.