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Welcome Back to School 2017

Christine Knapp
Welcome Back to School 2017
by Christine Knapp - Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 2:18 PM

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

Tuesday, September 5th - Classes will begin for our Grade 9 students ONLY on the Tuesday, September 5thStudents must arrive for a 12:15 start and ending the day at 3:28 pm.

Grade 9 students will start the day in the Ridge Theatre for an assembly. From there they will be introduced to their Homeroom teacher.  The students will have a number of activities to complete.  Students will then go through a rotation of their classes to meet the teachers.

Wednesday, September 6th - Grade 10, 11 and 12 students ONLY will begin school on Wednesday, September 6th arriving for a 12:30 start ending the day at 3:28 pm.  Grade 12 students will start the day in the Ridge Theatre for an assembly and our Grade 10 and 11 students will go directly to the Large Gym. This will be followed by a block rotation of all classes to meet the teachers.

Thursday September 7th and Friday September 8th - All students will be in full day attendance as per the class schedule.

˜ International Students – What do I do on the first day.


Tuesday, September 5 - All New International students arrive at Claremont at 8:30am.  Students will have an orientation meeting in room #310 and 311 from 8:30am-12:15pm.  At 12:15pm Grade 9 students will go to the theatre for an assembly and will stay until 3:28pm. Students will then go through a rotation of their classes to meet the teachers.  All New Grade 10, 11 and 12 International students will be dismissed for the day at 12:15pm. 


Wednesday, September 6 - All New Grade 10, 11 and 12 International students arrive at school at 9:00 am and stay until the end of the school day.  Returning Grade 10, 11 and 12 International Students will arrive to school for a 12:30pm start and stay until the end of the day.  Students will then go through a rotation of their classes to meet the teachers. No Grade 9 students come on Wednesday, September 6th.  


Thursday, September 7 - All students will be in full day attendance as per the class schedule.

1)     No school buses will be available for the 8:30 am meeting on September 5th.

2)    All International Students must bring their PASSPORT with them.

˜ Class Timetables / Course Changes

Deadline to submit a course change request is Friday, September 8th.

Timetables will be available to pick up at Claremont School on August 25th from 10:00am – 2:00 pm

All students will receive a timetable in Homeroom on the first day of school.  When you receive your timetable and changes are needed 1 change request form per student will be accepted.  Changes to schedules may not be possible as the school schedule was built based on selections made last school year and classes may be full or not available.

Counselors will not be available for booking appointments until September 14th as they will be dealing with urgent scheduling situations as required.  If a counselor needs to see you regarding changes they will locate you.  If you have an urgent situation please come to the main office and we will make sure you are taken care of in a timely manner. Only course changes submitted on a Course Change Request Form will be considered.  Please do not send emails requesting changes.

˜ Stay Informed – Sign up to receive “Forum Posts”

Did you know that Claremont has a variety of forums that provide important information that you can subscribe to and have emailed to you?  This is a great way to stay connected and informed on all the latest news going on in the school.  Under the heading Parents, click on Subscriptions and select the forums you would like to sign up for.  It's easy and all you need is an email address!  You can also easily unsubscribe to forums if you decide that you no longer want to receive notifications. Let's get connected!

˜ School Calendar / Year at a Glance

Please have a look at our Year at a Glance to plan your schedule for the year.  We will also be updating and adding items to our monthly calendar as they come up during the year.  Stay in touch and be informed about what is happening.

˜ Keep Us Updated.

If you move during the school year, get a new address, phone number or email address please make sure you keep us informed.  Has your emergency contact or work phone number changed? 

Students will come home with a demographic form and it is extremely important for the school to have up-to-date information on your child.  Please make any changes to this form and return it to the school by Friday September 8th.  If your demographic information changes during the school year please let the office know right away so we can keep your information current.

˜ Transportation

Bussing for September 6th to 9th

School District # 63 Bussing will be provided for school start in the afternoon on both days.  School will finish at 3:28 pm with bus pick up to follow. Please check the SD63 Transportation Website for full details regarding bus schedules for opening day, bus registration and bus routes for 2017-2018.  All students that will be riding the bus must register before the first day of school.  Students must be registered no later than July 31, 2017 to guarantee a seat on the school bus.

Regular school will begin on Thursday September 7th and Friday September 8th with all students in attendance starting at 9:00 am.  Regular bus transportation schedules will be in effect.

˜ School Supplies

A specific school supplies list is not provided for high school students.  Students should be prepared for all classes with a supply of the basics:  binder, loose leaf paper, or a supply of notebooks, dividers, ruler, writing supplies and a calculator with scientific functions, (graphing calculators are not required unless requested for a specific course).  Some classes or teachers may request specific items.  Students will be informed of any course specific supplies during the course introduction.  Students with allergies or colds are asked to bring a personal box of Kleenex for their locker.

 ˜ Bell Schedule    

Class Bell Schedule 2017-2018

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

Wednesday / Friday

Block 1

9:00 – 10:22

Block 1

9:00 – 10:14

Block 2

10:28 – 11:52

Block 2

10:21 – 11:36


11:52 – 12:38


11:38 – 12:12

Block 3

12:38 – 2:00

Block 3

12:12 – 1:26

Block 4

2:06 – 3:28

Block 4

1:34 – 2:48

For before or after school classes confirm start times

With your AM or PM Teachers





˜ Attendance

 If your student will be absent from school, please leave a message with the name of the student and duration of absence on our Absence Line at 250-658-6666.  You can also send an email to the Attendance Secretary at

Absent but forgot to call the attendance line?  If your student has been absent from school and you forgot to call the attendance line please send your student with a note to school and have them bring it to the office.

Please send your student with a note if they are to be excused from school early.  We are unable to release a student until we have contact with a parent or a note confirming the student is to be excused.

If you call in an absence for a single block in the morning or afternoon please refer to the blocks as before school, Block 1, 2, 3, 4 or after school.

˜ School Photos with Lifetouch – September 14, 2017

We expect students to dress appropriately for photos as per our School Dress Code.  All students must have photos taken regardless of purchasing a photo package or not in order to receive a student card and be in the school database and school yearbook.  Full details regarding photo packages will be given to students on the first day of school.   Students are not permitted to wear hats in school photos.

˜ School Code of Conduct

All Students will be asked to review the Student Code of Conduct and we hope parents and guardians will also read this.  The information is also available on our website.  This document includes information about our expectations and routines and other significant topics.  It is very important for all students and parents to have an understanding of the Graduation Program. The graduating students should carefully read the section on our Graduation Ceremony.  If you have questions about any of the information please contact the school.


Click here to view the School Code of Conduct

˜ Invoices and Student Fees

On the first day of school, we will issue the student invoices for things such as the one time only textbook deposit ($100), activity fee ($25), the yearbook ($45) and optional PAC donation ($10).

Older siblings can pay fees at the same time as the younger students.  Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash and Cheque are all accepted at Claremont School.  Online banking is available through most major banks.  When making an on-line payment you must enter your child’s student number as the account number.  Please make separate payments for each of your children.  Do not combine payments for children in separate schools.

The District has a Fee Waiver Policy designed to support those in financial difficulties.  If you need access to this policy please contact Christine Knapp or Wendi Marshall to request a confidential conversation with an administrator.

Please make all cheques payable to “School District 63”      

˜ Meet the Teacher

Mark your calendar for September 28, 2017.  “Meet the Teacher” night will be on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7:00 pm.  This is an opportunity for you to come and spend a few minutes with each of your student’s teachers.  This will also be our first early closure day.  The school day will end at 2:28 (1 hour early)

˜ Accidents Do Happen


The school district does not insure expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities.  You are responsible for these expenses as a parent or guardian.  However, the school district assists families to voluntarily purchase private accident insurance through the Reliable Life Insurance Company.  Brochures are no longer distributed to students in September however the information can be viewed on-line at

˜ School Locks / Lockers

LOCKERS – Students will be given a “Locker Selection Form” during the student assembly on the first day of school.  All students will be given instructions in grade assemblies on the process for selecting a locker of their choice.  


All Students must use school issued locks.  All non-school issued locks will be removed and contents will be brought to the office. Students new to School District 63 including International Students will be provided with a lock.  Returning students or ROMS students without locks can purchase a new lock for $10.00 or a used lock (if available) for $5.00.  Only locks issued from Claremont or Royal Oak Middle School can be used on lockers. 


Once students select a locker they must immediately place a lock on the locker, complete and submit the selection form received in the assembly to the Homeroom Teacher.  Students must remain in the chosen locker for security reasons.  We discourage sharing of lockers.  Lockers will only be opened for the student registered to the locker.  Students are not to select a locker until they have a lock to secure it. 


We will not be able to provide combinations to locks during the first two days of school.  Please remember your combination.

˜ Criminal Record Checks

Are you a Volunteer?  Will you be driving for field trips or sports teams?

The Criminal Records Review Act requires the school district to ensure that a valid criminal record check is on file for volunteers in the school district. Volunteers who need record checks are those that work directly with children and have the potential to have unsupervised access to children in the course of their volunteer work.  Effective September 1, 2009, volunteers driving for field trips must have a valid criminal record check.

Volunteers are required to have a criminal record check completed by the local police department in the Municipality in which they reside. An originating letter must come from the Principal to the correct police agency requesting waiver of CRC fee. Volunteer Criminal Record checks are valid for two years. Please contact the school office if you will be volunteering or driving on school field trips so that a fee waiver letter may be written for you.  Please request your letter as soon possible as it may take a few weeks at busy times of the school year.