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Important Winter Gala Message

Christine Knapp
Important Winter Gala Message
by Christine Knapp - Monday, 27 November 2017, 3:05 PM

Message to all Grads of the 2018 class and their Parents

As we move close to the big night of The Winter Gala for our Class of 2018 on December 6th a few items that are critical right now need to be addressed

First - TICKETS!!!  We have sold 150 to date which is fantastic as that already represents approximately 60% of the Grad class but also means 40% have not.  It is very important that any students wanting to attend understand that they MUST buy their tickets in advance and the last days for selling tickets are Tues, Nov 28th and Wed, Nov 29th.

Tickets will be on sale at lunch sold by the grad council students in exchange for cash or check and/or if preferred can be purchased from Ms. Marshall at accounts via debit/credit.  Parents can also call Ms. Marshall and pay by credit card if this is more convenient.

Tickets will NOT be sold at the door and we must give our numbers to caterers on the afternoon of Wednesday November 29th.

Secondly - Decoration, support, and cleanup of event.  Much of the heavy lifting will be done prior to noon on wed, Dec 6 - from there many students are getting ready for the evening and cannot help.  In the past we have depended upon 15-20 parents to do this end of the event and transform our gym into a decorated Xmas hall for the evening.  The time frame for that can start as early as 12:30 and will go until right before the evening begins.  To date our helpers list is a little short and is a necessity to run the event.  Please check your calendars and do your best.  Parents will not be volunteering during the event.  Teacher supervision is in place.

Additionally 4-6 parents for the end of the night is helpful to help clean the 'hall' as classes are running the next morning at 7:45 a.m. and we need to clean the gym.  Please email Kindra Harte at if you can help so she can create a Master list for both the decoration and clean up

We are also open to parents from other grades helping to decorate before or clean up after.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this and for your help

Mr. Darren Reisig and Ms. Kindra Harte