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Tuesday June 19 News

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Tuesday June 19 News
by Andrea Martin - Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 11:34 AM

Tuesday June 19,  2018

Grade 11 Numeracy Assessments

Reminder for all grade 11 students to check the exam schedule to find out when your Numeracy Assessment is scheduled. 
TODAY is the last day to sign up at the office for an alternate time to write your numeracy assessment due to either a conflict (if you have another exam schedule for the same time) or as a walk-in (if you did not have a grade 11 math class this year).

Exam Week
The exam schedule is posted on the Claremont website.  Please triple check your exam times and be sure to bring all appropriate exam supplies with you: pens, pencils, erasers, and calculator.

Request for Exam Week
Royal Oak Middle School would like to remind Claremont students that our Exam Week is for studying and writing exams... not for visiting your former middle school teachers.  Please respect ROMS' request and stay away from their school during exam week.

After School Support
After school study support will continue this week, TODAY and WEDNESDAY.

Home Room(s)
Small change of plans: 
There will be a brief home room TODAY at the end of Block 2; students will report to their home room to get overdue notices and then go to their lockers for clean-out.  Please return any overdue books to the Learning Commons.
There will be another brief home room TOMORROW (Wednesday) at the end of block 3 for students to receive their TIMETABLES for next year.

World Refugee Day Play: TODAY
Tomorrow is World Refugee Day.  Please come to the Ridge Playhouse TODAY at lunch to see a new play about this important topic. We are the only school in the CRD that is having this play performed for them; the play is written and performed by newcomer, immigrant and refugee youth and is FREE!

Claremont Keychains
There are a few Claremont keychains left, made on a 3D printer by our very own student, Braiden! They are only $5 and are for sale in the Office.  These are a fun keepsake for students and they also make a great gift.
The keychains remaining are:
Sports: badminton, basketball, rugby, soccer, volleyball, and Coach.
Interests: IGS, Drama, and Science

Learning Commons Book Return
A pirate ship has taken over the Learning Commons! Renowned pirate Captain James Book is requesting that outstanding books be returned by June 15. Any landlubbers with clear library accounts by the end of the month may receive a special surprise. Stay tuned and get those books back!

Yearbooks will be distributed again TODAY at lunch at the Spartan Store.  There is still time to buy a yearbook; please see Ms Marshall in the Accounting office. $45. 

No news today.

No news today.

Athletics Awards Today

Reminder for all students, grade 9-12, that played on a school sports team this year...  The Athletics Awards & Banquet are TODAY from 4-6pm.  We want to see all of our athletes there!  There is no cost if you paid your athletics fee; $10 if you did not.  You get pizza and a T-shirt!  Everyone must pick up their ticket at lunch in the Student Lounge TODAY.

Job Opportunities

Please visit the Career Centre for more information.
Care Point Medical Centre, in Broadmead Village, is looking for a grade 12 student for Saturday office assistance. Great work experience for a student looking to pursue a career in the medical field!
Gardening work help needed by a local resident. This job pays well and is long-term.
Specific Mechanical Systems is a manufacturer of micro-brewing, food processing and pharmaceutical equipment, and they are hiring for labouring help in their Finishing Department. Located in the Keating Industrial park.

GRAD 2018
Grad Clothing Drop-Off
All details are also on the Claremont website – Dry Grad page

Questions? Contact: claremontdrygrad@gmail.com
Grads & Guests must drop off casual clothing (including shoes) that will be worn for the Dry Grad Celebration, at the main foyer at Claremont school during these times:
Monday June 25: 11am - 5pm
Tuesday June 26: 11am - 5pm
Wednesday June 27: 11am - 5pm

Clothing must be in a zippered garment bag (not plastic) on a sturdy hanger. Please make sure the bag is labelled with your full name. Separate bags for grad and guest are required. All bags will be inspected for banned substances. Clothing will be kept in a locked room at all times.
What To Pack: Shorts/t-shirt, undergarments, shoes/socks/sandals, hairbrush/toothbrush/deodorant, envelope or bag for jewellery.

Dry Grad 2018 – June 28
Volunteers Needed
Grade 12 Parents, we need your help! We require volunteers in a variety of key positions! Please consider volunteering at the Dry Grad. For volunteer opportunities and to sign up, please follow the following link: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2089581/false#/invitation
Grade 11 Parents, please consider volunteering at Dry Grad 2018 to gain valuable experience and insight for the planning of Dry Grad 2019! Please follow the link for opportunities. https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2089581/false#/invitation

The Claremont Dry Grad Committee has been fortunate to coordinate our efforts with the Stellys Dry Grad Committee this year. This is an enormous cost saving venture for us. Stellys will help us with the decorating and set up. In kind, Claremont is responsible to assist with decorating and take down the following evening. For this to be a success, please consider lending a hand.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Chair, Paula Skilton, at claremontdrygrad@gmail.com

Questions About Dry Grad?
Please check the Claremont Dry Grad page of the Claremont website for all information related to the Dry Grad event!

International Students Who are Leaving Claremont

All graduating and leaving students, please pick up a Leaving Check-list sheet from Brenda.

Peninsula Youth Clinic –  OPEN ALL SUMMER

The Peninsula Youth Clinic is located at Peninsula Medical, 2a-2379 Bevan Avenue, Sidney and is open every THURSDAY from 5:30 - 7:30pm with both a doctor and mental health clinician on hand. The clinic will be open these same hours all summer.

Youth Clinic
The main Victoria Youth Clinic is open to all youth and is located at  818 Douglas Street on the 3rd floor. It is open Monday to Thursday 11-5 and Friday 11-4.

*If you need a reminder about any of this information, the daily announcements are posted outside of the front office.*