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Semester one Assessment Schedules (January)

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Semester one Assessment Schedules (January)
by Peter Westhaver - Monday, 13 January 2020, 5:34 PM

Attention Students and Parent/Guardians,

Attached are two assessment schedules.  

The first is our Numeracy and Literacy Assessments, prescribed by the Ministry of Education, set for January 20 - 24th.  Semester one students currently enrolled in English 10, Math 11, or any Grade 12's still needing to write will write during these days.  In semester two, April 14 - 20th will be dedicated for English 10 and Math 11 students to write the Numeracy and Literacy Assessment.  This link provides more information on the Literacy Assessment.                                                                                                                                                                             

The second is our end of semester Exam schedule set from January 29 - 31st.  During that week, Monday and Tuesday will be regular days for all students.  These are very important days because students will finish their course with any final projects, unit tests, or exams.  Wednesday and Thursday of that week will be dedicated as exam days for Science 10, Senior Math and Science students, listed in the schedule.  These two days are also considered "Incomplete Days" or I Days.  A student requiring time to finish any overdue assignments can take advantage of these days and are expected to be at school to ensure work is complete.  Friday is dedicated as a conflict day for students requesting a different day to write their exam from the original schedule.  It is also the last opportunity for students to work with teachers and submit any final assignments for the semester.

Please review the two schedules and plan your weeks accordingly so as to avoid any conflicts.  Thank you 

January Assessment SchedulesJanuary Assessment Schedules