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Situation end of Thursday

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Situation end of Thursday
by Peter Westhaver - Thursday, 12 March 2020, 7:46 PM

Attention Parent/Guardians,

Today, towards the end of block four at Claremont, students reported to the office that they had seen a message of a potential threat to the school.  Administration evaluated the situation and contacted Saanich Police for assistance.

When students were dismissed for the day they were asked to leave the building.  Police and canine units conducted a search of the school where nothing of concern was found.  After a second extensive search of the school, including lockers, the school was deemed by the police to be safe. 

We are very proud of the Claremont students and staff who reacted appropriately and followed directions of the administration.  This incident reinforces the importance of students bringing any concerning behaviour or messages to the administration’s attention.  It provides information to our staff and allows them to quickly and effectively work with our partners like the Saanich Police to ensure everyone’s safety.

Thank you
Peter Westhaver