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Tuesday June 9 News

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Tuesday June 9 News
by Andrea Martin - Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 11:01 AM


Tuesday June 9, 2020


Please Return Resources to the LC

Reminder to students: if you have signed out text books, library books, or graphic calculators, please return them to the Learning Commons once you are finished using them for your classes. All books can be returned at any time to the carts/boxes that are sitting outside of the main entrance to the Learning Commons. Students do not need to come into the library unless they are returning graphing calculators, which they can place in the box on the circulation desk. There is also a trolley at the main entrance of the school for books to be dropped off, if students/parents prefer to not enter the school (graphic calculators can be turned in at the office too). Please return resources by Friday June 19.


For any students or families who borrowed Chromebooks from the School District: please drop them off at the Claremont main office by June 19th, as all machines that were loaned out in April/May as a part of the District Tech Support Plan need to be collected, cleaned, and re-sorted to the proper school location of origin (the machines being returned will not necessarily be Claremont owned).


Yearbooks are scheduled to arrive in a few weeks. Stay tuned for details about the plans for picking them up during the week of June 22. There are a limited number of yearbooks that are still available for purchase ($45). To order a yearbook, or to check to see if you have already ordered one, please phone the school and speak to our accountant, Ms Marshall.

Locker Clean-Out

Reminder to students: if you are attending classes in-school, please take a few minutes this week during school time to clean out your lockers. Students who are not attending classes in-school can drop in at any time on FRIDAYS (June 12 & 19) to clean out lockers. Take your lock home (and please make a note for yourself of your lock combination, so you have it ready in September).

A Message from Claremont PAC

Hello Claremont Families,
This has been an unusual year with many adjustments. The Claremont Staff has done an incredible job facilitating these changes and working with the students in these difficult times. To recognize all the hard work of teachers, support staff, and administrators at our school, the PAC is planning a Staff Appreciation Luncheon on THURSDAY, June 18th! We will not be asking families to donate food this year, as it does not fit into the guidelines set out by the Province. This year, we will be renting a food truck that will provide the staff with a nice, delicious lunch. We invite parents, guardians and students to say "thank-you" by sending a message to claremontstaffappreciation@gmail.com A card with all the messages will be displayed at the school. Thank you for your support!

School Bus Registration for 2020-2021

Reminder to parents that students must be registered by June 30, 2020 to ensure a seat on the school bus for next school year. Parents can register at: https://www.sd63.bc.ca/programs-and-services/transportation

GRAD 2020

A Message From The Dry Grad Executive

GOOD MORNING PARENTS AND GRADUATES!!!! I am here to officially announce that June 25th will be a special day for our grads of 2020! More details to come in the coming days, but we are here to let you know that from 11:30-4:00, YOUR GRAD WILL BE BUSY with scheduled grad activities!!! Plan ahead to book hair appts, makeup, alterations, etc etc!

The Dry Grad Parents Executive, as well as Claremont staff, have been working hard to be able to celebrate safely.

5-7pm will be the Virtual Ceremony that day, so you can organize your viewing parties.

We know that it has been challenging not knowing what to expect, if anything, with this pandemic and cancellations of a formal grad. With changes in restrictions and updates from government and the School District, we must follow guidelines and be patient with information as its being delivered to us.

Information will be given to you all, as soon as it’s possible, with the appropriate precautions in place. But for now, know that on June 25th WE WILL BE celebrating our grads... we are excited to share more in the next few days.

Thrifty Smile Cards - Fundraiser

If you already have a Thrifty Foods Smile Card for Dry Grad fund-raising, the deadline is drawing near for collecting the 5% of the dollars you have loaded onto the cards for grocery purchases. Please be sure to load your card in the next two weeks so that the Dry Grad parent committee can collect the maximum donation for our graduation class. This is an easy way to support the 2020 Dry Grad.