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Tuesday September 15 News

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Tuesday September 15 News
by Andrea Martin - Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 10:13 AM


Tuesday September 15, 2020


Student Information Verification Forms

Reminder to please return the Student Information Verification Forms to either your morning teacher or to the office early this week so the office staff can update student records. Whether or not there are any changes to make, parents are asked to please sign the form and return it to the school .

Cafeteria Food Service

Cafeteria service will have limited selection and quantity this week, but will be building on both amount and selection by next week. As a food service, we follow all restaurant safety procedures and protocols as determined by the Provincial Health Authority.

Cafeteria service is cash only OR you can purchase a punch card from the Accounting Office for $5 or $10.

Lost & Found

A portable speaker was found outside on last week’s orientation day. Please come to the office to claim it.

School Bus

Many students received their school bus passes, if they registered before the end of June. If students registered during the summer, bus passes are still being processed, and they should receive them soon. As long as the students are registered to ride the bus, it is totally fine to ride, and tell the driver that they are waiting for their bus pass.

The after school bus schedules are posted outside of the office door.

If Your Student is Absent or Late

if your student will be absent or late for class, parents are asked to please email your student’s teacher AND the Attendance Line. The Link for the Claremont Attendance Line is on the Quick Links on the Claremont website’s home page: claremont_attendance@sd63.bc.ca

Students Leaving Early

If your student needs to leave class early for a planned reason, parents are asked to send your student with a note or text to show your student’s teacher AND the office staff. Students need to sign out at the office.


Reminder that masks are required when students and staff are in high traffic areas where physical distance is not possible (hallways and washrooms). Students have each been issued non-medical reusable masks for their use in the school and they need to bring it, or a replacement, every school day please.

Student Parking

Students who are parking in the student parking lot need to be registered. Permission forms will be in the Accounting office starting Monday Sept 14th.

A copy of the announcements is posted on the wall outside of the main office door.