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Message to Families #7 - October 9

Christine Knapp
Message to Families #7 - October 9
by Christine Knapp - Friday, 9 October 2020, 3:45 PM

Friday, October 9, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

Here are a few topics to be aware of in preparation for the upcoming week after the Thanksgiving Holiday:  

  •  Last Five Weeks of Quarter 1:  By now you should have received, via email, information from your child’s Block 1 teacher about the “five week switch.”  Block 1 will be divided by alpha sort into two groups with students attending every other day.  Block 2 moves to full attendance, every day.  The reason for this shift is to ensure equity of face to face instruction between the two blocks over the course of 10 weeks, while maintaining a lower density of students in the building overall.  Block 1 classes can still operate with no masks as per normal.  In Block 2, the need for physical distancing & mask use by all students and staff will be paramount.  Block 2 has the most ‘crossover’ of students coming from different cohorts and because we are moving to all students all the time for 5 weeks, in most rooms students will not be able to adequately distance themselves and therefore will need masks at all times. Thank you for supporting us in maintaining a safe learning environment for all. 


  • Bussing - 2nd Half of Quarter 1:  Route information (complete with maps and listed stopping points) for the new wave of lunchtime bussing that starts next Tuesday Oct 13th has been posted just outside of the main office.  These busses (3 in total) are starting their routes by picking up students near to their homes and then delivering them to school at 12:20pm; many students have already taken a picture of the route that will be picking them up closest to their home.  Students are reminded to pay attention to the listed pick up time for each stop to ensure they arrive a bit early before the bus arrives for pick up.


  • Numeracy & Literacy Assessments:  All Grade 10 and 11 students will need to write their Numeracy and Literacy Assessments as a part of their scheduled Math and English classes during the year.  Approximately 100 Grade 12 students have not yet completed their Numeracy Assessment and should expect to write at some point during the week of November 2nd - 6th. Grade 12’s can sign up for this assessment at the office starting Tuesday, Oct. 13. More information is linked here. 


  • Group A/B Schedule:  Please note that on Tues Oct 13th we move to the ‘second five weeks’ of Quarter 1.  Because Tuesday starts a new rotation, starting the week with an “A” day makes the most sense.  The Group A/B schedule for the next two weeks is listed below: 


Thank you for reading this memo and for your support.  This quarter system, the five week switch, and the A/B rotations with reduced density is all brand new to everyone at Claremont.  Students and staff are adapting well with all of these adjustments.  We are doing everything we can to ensure your child feels safe at school.  We hope your child feels connected to peers and adults at Claremont, and we are confident your child is receiving a high quality education.  Please reach out to one of us if you have questions or need further clarification.  This weekend, take a moment to reflect on what gratitude means and then show someone how much you appreciate them, Happy Thanksgiving.



Peter Westhaver                              Kelly de Klerk                             Aaron Buckham