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CPAC Communication - November 1, 2022

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CPAC Communication - November 1, 2022
by Claremont PAC - Tuesday, 1 November 2022, 7:12 PM

Thank you to all parents who have subscribed to receive CPAC communications.

CPAC Budget Approval Meeting - Nov 15th

The next parent meeting will be the review and approval of the $40K CPAC budget. Requests from Teachers and CPAC are currently being summarized. We also welcome parents to share any ideas they may have for fund allocation. We want to hear from you! Please email

BCCPAC Membership - engaging parents in this resource

CPAC is an active member of this organization and a lot of information is made available to share with the parent community. The best way to receive this information is to subscribe to their newsletter. CPAC will also actively make you aware of opportunities to participate in either conferences/surveys/etc. Home (

This association summarizes well BC Ministry of Education updates and also provides the opportunity for parents to engage in value-add conferences, review previously recorded presentations and shares out resources that will benefit our student and school communities.

2022 Parent Education Conference Presentations (

Resources (

Take the time to explore and learn more. CPAC welcomes ideas and engagement from the Claremont parent community. Please reach out to us: