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CPAC Communication - January 24th, 2023

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CPAC Communication - January 24th, 2023
by Claremont PAC - Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 9:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

Listed below are various online events over the next 3 months available to our Claremont parent community through Family Start.

To join a FamilySmart online event, register at:

Upcoming Family Smart online events:

JANUARY Self Harm: There Is Always Help, There is Always Hope
Learning your child is self harming can be scary and overwhelming. Self-injury takes many forms and the reason why someone self harms is complex. In this video hear from a young person with lived experience and Kim Leifso, RCC as they discuss what self-harm is, why youth self-injure, and other options for healthy coping strategies.

FEBRUARY For Families: A Conversation About Eating Disorders
Families do not cause eating disorders but they can be one of the most effective influences in their child’s recovery. Listen to Rylee McKinlay, Young Adult with lived experience, Terri McKinlay, Parent with lived experience and Carmen Kauffman, Eating Disorders Therapist & Educator with Jessie’s Legacy, share their perspective and knowledge as they talk about the continuum of disordered eating, what to be aware of, the importance of connection, and strategies that help support recovery.

MARCH A Conversation for Families About Digital Wellbeing & Mental Health
As parents, we struggle with balancing our children’s time spent in the digital world and what we consider the real world. It’s not easy to know how much time spent on technology is too much and how to set boundaries that don’t create conflict. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Kristy Goodwin, Digital Wellbeing and Productivity Researcher, Speaker, Author and Consultant to learn some practical solutions to our everyday concerns and challenges around our kids’ use of screens and their mental health. 

Please refer to the link as many flexible dates have been coordinated for these events.