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CSI - Rowers, Lower Island Championships

Christine Knapp
CSI - Rowers, Lower Island Championships
by Christine Knapp - Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 11:05 AM

Jr. Novice Quad winning over Mt. Doug

Meanwhile, back on Elk Lake, the CSI and after school rowing teams combined forces (or oars??) to take on the rest of the Lower Island High Schools for our the LVISSAA Championship regatta (Lower island Championships). The rowers once again put on a great display winning the fourth consecutive LVISSAA Rowing Championship title. In addition to the top three placings below, all team members contributed towards the following titles:
 There were over 65 Claremont athletes racing this weekend locally, while another 8 CSI Rowers raced in Seattle at the Head of the Lake Regatta at the University of Washington as mentioned above.

Jr Boys Team Points - 1st (fourth consecutive year)
Jr Girls Team Points - 1st (fourth year winning of the last five years)
Jr Points (Boys/Girls) - 1st (fourth consecutive year)
Advanced Points (Boys/Girls)
School Team Combined Overall Points (fourth consecutive year)

Here are the top three placings with names for winners by individual race category:
Jr Novice Girls
Quad - First: Maggie Dolezal, Kristen Pappas, Anna Leach, Jenna Thornton
Quad - Second: Hannah Hughson, Britteny Rosenberg, Juliana Rampon, Emma Davenport
Eight - First: Juliana Rampon, Kristen Pappas, Brittney Rosenberg, Hannah Hughson, Anna Leach, Maggie Dolezal, Emma Davenport, Jenna Thornton, Julia Scheuer

Jr Novice Boys
Quad - Third: Josh Dziwenka, Kiel Meausette, Sam Pacheco, Josh Sacapano
Eight - Third: Brian Hatt, Brennan Shimoda, Mitchell Hughes, Brody Watson, Josh Sacapano, Sam Pacheco, Kiel Meausette, Josh Dziwenka, Julia Scheuer

Sr Novice Girls
Quad - Third: Julia Scheuer, Mikaela Smyth, Mina Sahin, Shaylin Bridges

Junior Girls
Quad - Second: Kate Wille, Ella Webber, Katie Pearson, Charlotte Moors
Eight - First: Kate Wille, Ella Webber, Cezanne Insley, Katie Pearson, Sonja Donnecke, Emma Pearson, Chloe Hamer, Camryn Anderson, Carson Foxall
Eight - Third: Shaylin Bridges, Mikaela Smyth, Anna Leach, Muriel Mirjam, Charlotte Moors, Urszula Caputa, Emma Davenport, Emily d'Entremont, Julia Scheuer

Junior Boys
Eight - First: Aelon Nicolson, Angus Brown, Jaylam Lau, Derrick Chow, Idjen Cabral, Matthew Watson, Simon Muller, Macgregor Macintosh, Kaitlin Rogers
Double - First: Derrick Chow, Idjen Cabral
Double - Third: Mac Macintosh, Griffin Thomas
Quad - Second: Aelon Nicolson, Matthew Watson, Derrick Chow, Idjen Cabral
Quad - Third: Simon MUller, Jeff Davis, Charles Holmes, David Zhong

Advanced Girls
Quad - First: Julia Sunderland-Baker, Megan Egilson, Kenzie Rosene, Urszula Caputa
Eight - Second: Megan Egilson, Michelle Knudsen, Kayla Matthews, Kenzie Rosene, Julia Sunderland-Baker, Marina Mallock, Emily Green-Hunt, Laquisha Farkas-Husbands, Griffin Thomas

Advanced Boys
Eight - Second: Griffin Thomas, Jaylam Lau, Luca Hoffecker, Jake Sherman, Justin Miller, Koben Meausette, Will James, Matt Henderson, Duncan MacLean