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Claremont Responds to Typhoon Hyain

Christine Knapp
Claremont Responds to Typhoon Hyain
by Christine Knapp - Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 2:53 PM

Many Claremont staff and student families have been touched by Typhoon Hyain that hit the Philipinnes on November 8. 

Please consider donating to our fundraising drive from Nov. 15-22.  A local company is waiving all shipping fees til the end of November.  Any donations can be dropped off at Claremont. If you have already donated in some way for the cause, then we thank you.  

Suggested DONATIONS List:

Cash – will be used to buy other supplies
Clothing (no winter wear) – gently used
Baby needs
Sleeping bags
Shoes – flip flops/rubber boots
Towels, face cloths
Light blankets
Hygiene Products: shampoo, lotion, tooth brush/paste, combs, brushes, soap
First aid supplies: bandages, gauze, tape, tensors, slings,
School Supplies: pencils, pens, note books, rulers, crayons, water paints
Teacher Supplies: markers, chalk, flash cards, art supplies, pens, pencils, sharpeners,
Personal Protective Equipment: work gloves, facemasks
Medium/Large plastic containers with lids (in very good condition) to pack above items in. This will provide a dry storage space when it arrives.
Non perishable food – preferably goods that do not require a can opener

Thank YOU for your support and generosity...