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Thursday January 23 News

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Thursday January 23 News
by Andrea Martin - Thursday, 23 January 2014, 10:35 AM

Thursday January 23, 2014

Timetables were handed out in home room on Monday this week. If you have not received your timetable yet, please come to the office to pick it up. This is important because there may have been some adjustments to your schedule since they were first compiled in September.

Blood Donor Clinic
Attention Blood Donors: Thank you so much signing up to donate blood. Remember, you are donating on TUESDAY Feb 4th here at school. See Mr. Spoor to confirm your donation time.
If anyone is still interested in signing up to donate blood, please see Mr Spoor or Mr McAvoy.
Give the gift of life. Donate blood.

Juice Pong Tournament
The Juice Pong tournament is in its final day TODAY at lunch in the lounge. Come by to join the fun for the Semi-Finals and Finals of this competition.

Dodgeball Intramural tournament
The next intramural tournament will be Dodgeball and it will start the first week of semester 2. The sign-up sheet and rules are posted on the main doors to the big gym. There will be both junior and senior divisions. There is limited space, so get your team together and sign up ASAP!

No news today.

Yearbook Write-ups
Grads, WHERE ARE YOU??? Still, only 28 grads have submitted a year-book write-up to date. That's only 10% of the grad class so far. Please go to the grad page on the Claremont website for full instructions on how to submit your words. The deadline to make your submission is midnight on January 31, 2014. We don't want to miss anyone so talk to your friends and make sure you all have done it. If you don't know what to write, have a look at previous yearbooks. Don't be “that student” who has a blank space beneath their photo in the yearbook!

Thrifty Smile Cards
You can help support the All Night Dry Grad by loading up on groceries at Thrifty Foods. Through their Smile Card program, Thrifty Foods donates a portion of sales to the All Night Dry Grad. Thrifty Smile Cards can be picked up in the school office, and parents from all grades or family and friends can use them.

Farewell Party
All International Students attending the Farewell Party TODAY, please pick up your tickets from Brenda.