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Thursday May 8 News

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Thursday May 8 News
by Andrea Martin - Thursday, 8 May 2014, 10:16 AM

Thursday May 8, 2014

Claremont's Musical Theatre
Claremont's Musical Theatre Presents....42nd Street!  The show runs this week May 7th - 10th and next week May 14th - 17th at 7:00pm.  May 17th also has a 2pm matinee.  Tickets are $12.50.  See Ms. Marshall in the accounting office to purchase your tickets, but do it early to avoid dissapointment, as they often sell out. The show is a 1930's musical about a young girl who comes to Broadway hoping to become a star, and it features over 100 cast, crew and orchestra.  See you at the show!

Formal Friday
Hey, everyone.  Do any of you remember Formal Fridays?  I'm willing to bet plenty of you ladies miss seeing dapper gentlemen swaggering through the halls in their suits and ties.  There's only a couple of months left of school, but let's try to bring back Formal Fridays starting TOMORROW.  Guys: slip on a button-down shirt; girls: shimmy into that favourite dress you never get to wear.  

Scholarship Meeting
There will not be a Scholarship meeting this FRIDAY at lunch, however you can still hand in/pick up Scholarship Applications from Ms. Loukes in Room 324 at the beginning of lunch each day. This is your chance to win $1000 if you have excelled in Community/School Service, Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Second Languages or Physical Education. Deadline for all applications is Friday May 15th at lunch!!

For the cc350 event, there will be a meeting TODAY at lunch in room 264 for all bike relay teams in room 264. The cc350 event itself begins at 8:30am FRIDAY with registration, and wheels hit the track at 9am. There will be coffee and baked goods available for purchase in the morning.  At lunch there will be limited cafeteria service. There will be food vendors outside including: the Mexican truck, Tamale stand, pizza, and a bake sale. Come out and enjoy the event.  It's going to be sunny!!

Blood Donors
To all Blood Donors:  please hand in your permissions forms to Ms Chapman ASAP and remember to come see Ms Chapman at lunch on the day of your donation.

This is a reminder for all grade 11 and 12 students who drive to school.  Your vehicle must be registered at the office to park in the student parking lot.  If you are not registered, please come to the office to pick up the paperwork and, if you are not registered, you must park on the street.  Students are NOT permitted to park in the staff parking lot at any time.  If the student lot is full, you MUST park on the street.

No news today.

Speedball Intramural
Speedball Intramurals continue TODAY at lunch. Players need to be changed and ready to play ASAP, as lunch is now 15mins shorter than expected.
Jr Division:  Team Griffen Hohl  versus  Damian O
Sr Division:  Team Devon Wicks versus  Conor Manahan

Job Opportunity
There is a part time job opportunity for boys only for three days in July, being a buddy to a group of Japanese students.  See Mrs. Pryer in the Career Centre for more details.

Hair Dressing
Are you interested in hair dressing?  If so, our district's hair dressing program is offering in-school demonstrations on Wednesday May 28th.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please sign up with Mrs. Pryer in the Career Centre

UVic's REG 101
UVic's Registration 101 is coming to Claremont on Thursday, May 22nd, so mark your calendars if you are planning on attending UVic in the Fall.  Come to the Career Centre and sign up for your individual appointment with a representative.

No news today.