Program Information

The CSI rowing program combines rowing, erging, strength training and other activities. We compete in both the LVISSAA fall highschool rowing season, and Rowing Canada sanctioned Regattas from December to June and train from 2-4pm five to six days a week depending on athlete level of development.  Rowing is a sport that requires a large commitment both physically and mentally. The work ethic required and the attitude needed by each and every class member to promote success both on and off the water is significant.  The expectation is that CSI student-athletes are ready and willing to commit this type of energy to the program for the entire academic year. This program is supported by the Greater Victoria Youth Rowing Society. 

Please submit your expression of interest here:

Mr. Greg Sedun (Teacher/Coach)

Goals of the Program:

Enable students to enhance their quality of life through active living

Promote teamwork and cooperation through the sport of rowing

Strive for excellence on the water and in the classroom and be able to transfer these learned skills to other aspects of life

Develop rowing skills, techniques and fitness levels

Gain a deeper understanding of oneself through participation in sport

Have Fun!

Topics and Themes: 

Biomechanics of rowing

Technical development in rowing

Training principles


Strength training and ergometer practice

Active and passive recovery


Nutrition and hydration

Sports psychology and mental training

Group dynamics

Team building, cooperation and leadership

Skill development in other sports

Boathouse safety and on water etiquette

This year with CSI we are starting a new initiative with a long term goal that will see students be given the opportunity to be fully qualified rowing coaches upon graduating from CSI at the end of the 4 years and will then be able to help coach the Claremont afterschool program or the CSI academy program as Alumni. 

Certifications included are*: 

Year 1/Year 2: 

Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC)

VHF Restricted Operator Certificate Marine Radio License

Concussion Awareness 

Year 3/Year 4: 

RCA Learn to Row Coach or RCA Umpire 

*note these are based on availability of instructors and may include additional certifications if the opportunities arise.  

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