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Monday September 19 News

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Monday September 19 News
by Andrea Martin - Monday, 19 September 2016, 10:00 AM

Monday September 19, 2016

PEP 9& 10

Reminder to all Pursuit of Excellence 9 & 10 students that there will be a meeting TODAY at lunch in the Learning Commons.

Blood Drive

The first blood drive of the year is on October 3.  Sign up is in room 136 with Ms Chapman all this week at lunch time.  Donors must be 17yrs old by Oct 3.  Let's roll up our sleeves, Claremont!

Summit at the Pier
On October 1st & 2nd, 500 youth will gather for two days of future-proofing sessions at Ogden Point.  These two action-packed days will feature world-class speakers, inspirational entertainment, and unique idea-generating methods to draw out the most interesting conversations and ideas from youth. There will be 50 inspiring facilitators, policy makers, business owners, educators, entertainers and others to guide students and act as catalysts for stronger communities .  If you are interested attending Summit at the Pier, Claremont might be able to support you.  Please attend a meeting this WEDNESDAY at lunch in room 200 (Ms. Paas's room).

A pink MP3 Walkman was lost on Friday.  Please help out your fellow student.  If you have any information about where it might be, please Mr. Pereira.


Youth for Change and Inclusion is a group of socially conscious people looking to do positive projects in the school and the community.  We're having our first open-house meeting TODAY at lunch in room 320.  Hope to see you there!

Math Club
If you are interested in writing Math contests this year (which look great on scholarship applications), or if you just enjoy puzzles and problems, you are invited to attend the first Math Club meeting of the year TODAY at lunch.  This year, grade 9s will meet with Mr Paananen in room 133, and grades 10-12 will meet with Mr. Skanks in room 130.  We will meet most MONDAYS, and membership is open.  New people are always welcome. 

Science & Engineering Club
The first meeting of the Science & Engineering Club will be this TUESDAY at lunch in room 207 with  Mr. Vucko.  We will do labs and have the opportunity to go on field trips to attend lectures and other events. Come check it out.

No news today.


No news today.

Work Experience
Work Experience registration deadline is September 30th!  Any student wishing to get work experience credits for this year please see Mr. Arsenault in the room #131 Career Centre BEFORE Sept. 30th!

GRAD 2016
Scholarship Meeting

For all grade 12's:  the first Scholarship meeting will be this THURSDAY at 12:00 in the theatre.  Come hear about the many opportunities for scholarships.

Pizza Lunch

The first Pizza Lunch for International Students is TOMORROW (Tuesday).  All International students are welcome.

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