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Wednesday September 9

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Wednesday September 9
by Andrea Martin - Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 12:22 PM


Wednesday September 9, 2020



On Orientation Days (Thursday Sept 10th & Friday Sept 11th): all students who attend their orientation will receive their full year timetables and have the chance to submit a course change form where necessary. Students will be receiving an email from their afternoon teachers shortly to advise them of their group rotation schedule.

Orientation Days

Thursday Sept 10 10:00 – 11:30 (grade 9’s)

Thursday Sept 10 1:30 – 3:00 (grade 10’s)

Friday Sept 11 10:00 – 11:30 (grade 11’s)

Friday Sept 11 1:30 – 3:00 (grade 12’s)

Course Changes

It is our hope that there will be minimal changes with student timetables. Those wishing any changes to their quarter one timetable must have this completed prior to Monday September 14th. Students will not be able to line up at the office for counselling appointments as in years past. All course changes must now be completed by filling out the course change form (on the back of every student timetable) and submitting it to the office. It is also important to note, once learning Groups/Cohorts are established and the quarter is under way, for safety reasons it becomes very difficult to move students between cohorts.

School Photo Days

Yes, we will be having School Photos taken on Thursday Sept 10 for grades 9/10 (part of their Orientation Day), and on Monday Sept 14 for grades 11/12. Purchasing photos is optional, but all students in all grades need to have school photos taken for school identification purposes (grade 12’s too - even if you are having grad photos taken later). Picture packages can be pre-ordered by going online to mylifetouch.ca, with Picture Day ID: QU010018Q0.

If Your Student is Absent or Late

Parents are asked to please email your student’s teacher AND the Attendance Line if your student will be absent or late for class. The Link for the Claremont Attendance Line is on the Quick Links on the Claremont website’s home page: claremont_attendance@sd63.bc.ca


Reminder that masks will be required when students and staff are in high traffic areas where physical distance is not possible (hallways and washrooms) .

School Supplies

Students need to come to class each day prepared with their own school supplies (borrowing and sharing supplies will be discouraged).

Basic supplies include:

-Binders with loose-leaf paper and dividers (one 2” binder per course recommended),

-HB pencils (or mechanical pencils with sufficient leads),

-Blue or Black pens (non-erasable),


-Hand held pencil sharpener

-White vinyl erasers

-30cm ruler

-Calculator with scientific functions, (graphing calculators are not required unless requested for a specific course)

-USB 1GB (or larger) memory stick

Some classes or teachers may request specific items. Students will be informed of any course specific supplies during the course introduction. These supplies may need to be replenished as necessary throughout the year.

Student Parking

Starting next week, all students who are parking in the student parking lot need to be registered. Permission forms will be in the office starting Monday Sept 14th. To become registered, the office needs:

-a parent-signed registration form,

-a photocopy of your driver’s licence,

-a photocopy of your car insurance (pages 1 & 2),
-$2 for the parking pass.

Please bring photocopies with you; the office staff need to minimize handling your personal documents.