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Wednesday September 2, 2020

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Wednesday September 2, 2020
by Andrea Martin - Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 3:07 PM


Wednesday September 2, 2020



Preliminary Timetables: there are two options for timetable pick up:

1) Wednesday Sept. 2nd, Thursday Sept 3rd, and Friday Sept 4th Students are welcome to come to the office at any point between 9:00am – 2:30 pm and pick their timetable out of organized binders (sorted by last name ). On the reverse side of each timetable there will be a course change form that can be filled out and submitted on the spot. Take a picture of your timetable if you are submitting a course change request. Please consider wearing a face mask and remain physically distant from those waiting.

2) At the First Week Orientation (Thursday Sept 10th & Friday Sept 11): all students who attend their orientation will receive their full year timetables and have the chance to submit a course change form where necessary.

Course Changes

It is our hope that there will be minimal changes with student timetables. Those students who requested timetable changes last June should see the changes made on their new timetables (if the changes were possible). Those wishing any changes to their quarter one timetable must have this completed prior to Monday September 14th. Students will not be able to line up at the office for counselling appointments as in years past. All course changes must now be completed by filling out the course change form (on the back of every student timetable) and submitting it to the office or morning classroom teacher. It is also important to note, once learning Groups/Cohorts are established and the quarter is under way, for safety reasons it becomes very difficult to move students between cohorts.