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Message to Families #4 - September 18

Christine Knapp
Message to Families #4 - September 18
by Christine Knapp - Friday, 18 September 2020, 2:38 PM

Friday, September 18, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

 We would like to extend our appreciation to students and staff for a smooth start.  Students have settled into their classes and have eased into new routines.  Here are a few topics to be aware of in preparation for next week.   

  • Health and Safety:  Our school population had the opportunity to practice two Fire Drills in one day this week (Wednesday); while this was an unplanned series of events, it was great to see our students and staff react in a calm and organized fashion. We were thankful that most students had masks on hand and learning cohorts were able to distance. Students must always have a mask on hand for hallway travel and anytime physical distancing isn’t possible. 

  • Communication Home:  This memo is intended to reach as many parent/guardians and students listed to receive email within our information system.  Some of you may also subscribe to the Claremont website and receive notification when updates are posted.   This may also result in you receiving the same information, twice, from the school.  We apologize for the duplicate email.  We appreciate you reading our weekly messages and updates.   

  • Student Parking Lot:  A reminder that all senior students who drive to school are expected to obtain a parking permit from Ms. Marshall in the Accounts office as soon as possible.  Students pay $2 for the pass (hangs on their mirror) and fill out/return a driver form requiring a parent signature.  Similarly, all drivers are expected to make good choices and practice defensive driving techniques while on the property.  

  • Daily Health Check Form:  Parents are reminded to reference/use the Daily Health Check Form that should have come home to you after student orientations, especially when your child is showcasing symptoms of illness.  Please ensure that you communicate with your student’s teacher(s) to let them know if your child needs to stay home due to illness.  

  • Physical Distancing & Use of Masks:  All students and staff are being reminded to use a mask whenever they are unable to physically distance themselves from others outside of their Block 1 Cohort class (in the hallways at breaks, in social groups outside, etc).  When outside we have noticed some students gathering in larger groups where physical distancing and masks not being worn is obvious.  This is very concerning and is an area we can be better as physical distance between friends needs to be respected.  It is really important we all continue to practise wearing masks and keep our distance.   

  • Grade Wide Assemblies (Adjusted Format):  It is important that we limit the overall density of students gathering indoors; as such, our traditional grade wide assemblies will look different than in previous years. Next week the Administration will be speaking with smaller groups of Grade 9 and 10 cohorts, and the following week with Grade 11 and 12 cohorts.  The meetings will be brief and focus on important reminders and information relevant to each grade.  

  • Field Trips:  Some of our staff are looking to take their classes on walks to engage in land-based learning within the scope of class time in the coming weeks.  Info letters combined with permission forms will be sent home before these activities occur.  

  • Breaks/Lunch:  Students are encouraged to bring lunch, snacks and a water bottle to school.  Fold out tables and microwaves have been relocated and spread out around the school to encourage students to take their breaks close to their Blk 1 classrooms.   

  • Cafeteria Service:  We are fortunate to have a Cafeteria class at Claremont.  Next week the plan is to expand service to include more lunch items that will be sold between 11:45 - 12:30 each day.   Please be aware that this class and food service adheres to all restaurant protocols within the food service industry set by the Provincial Health Officer.   

  • Group A/B Schedule:  Just another reminder that our school bell schedule has changed to accommodate two long blocks and a consistent end time each day at 3:15pm.  Block 2, the afternoon block, will be split in half and alternate attendance by Group A and then Group B each day (for the first 5 weeks).  Students should know which group they are in as indicated by their Block 2 teacher.  Some classes with smaller numbers and a larger space to work (where full physical distancing is possible) have been allowed to continue with all students present and masked.  This allows some students to be in classes for a full day.   If students do not have an afternoon class, the expectation is for students to head home and not be waiting around at school.  I understand this may be a challenge for some families but we are requesting your support as reducing school density for half the day is a priority.  The Group A/B schedule, which will be posted on the main page of our website as well as on the digital information board outside the main office, is listed below: 


Thank you for supporting your child's education.  Have a wonderful weekend, we look forward to another great week.  



Peter Westhaver                              Kelly de Klerk                             Aaron Buckham