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Message to Families - November 6

Christine Knapp
Message to Families - November 6
by Christine Knapp - Monday, 9 November 2020, 12:48 PM

Friday, November 6, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

Our apologies for not sending this message out on Friday.  Here are a few topics to be aware of in preparation for the final week of Quarter 1, keep in mind this will be a shorter week:

Final Week of Quarter 1:  As we move to the final week of quarter one students will need to make extra efforts to be organized and prepared for final assessments or any final assignments due this week.  With our quarter system, there is no longer an exam schedule to look out for, teachers will be conducting their own final assessments throughout the week. 

New quarter, new cohorts:  With the new quarter beginning Nov. 16, students will be experiencing a re-organization of cohorts for their classes.  This shuffling of cohorts at the start of each new quarter meets the guidelines as set in the “BC’s Back to School Plan.”  The block one classes will be the newly established cohort for the following 10 weeks running at full attendance for the first 5 weeks.  Most block two classes will run at a reduced capacity.  We are not yet ready to run the school at full attendance, for health and safety reasons, thus our A, B schedule will continue.  By Thursday Nov. 12, students will receive an email from their Quarter 2 block 2 teacher welcoming them to their new class and to identify which rotation, A or B, the students are scheduled to attend starting Monday Nov. 16th.  Because some block two classes have a low enrollment or a larger than normal classroom, there will be classes running with full attendance, thus some students will not need to worry about the A, B rotation.  

What are my classes for quarter two?:  Block 1 teachers will be distributing timetables for all students starting Monday.  If the timetable is not accurate, students should email one of our counsellors for assistance Mr. Pama or Mrs. Giese.

Remembrance Day:  Traditionally, Claremont students and staff hold a Remembrance Day Ceremony assembly for all students during this week of the year.  Given there are restrictions in place, this year a video has been made that captures the significance of Remembrance Day that will be played on Tuesday during class time that will then be posted on our website for families to view.  Please be reminded, Wednesday Nov. 11 is a stat holiday and schools will be closed.  

Fri Nov 13th - “Completion Day”:  This final day of Quarter 1 will not be a regular day in session for all students.  Teachers will be inviting only those students that are behind in their classes and have the ability to catch up and complete overdue assignments.  Therefore, if a student is up to date in their courses, they will not need to be present at school on this day.

Report Cards:   Watch for quarter one report cards to be distributed in Block 1 Thursday morning Nov. 19th.

Health & Safety - Mask Use:  In each Block 2 class, unless students are able to properly physically distance in the space provided, all students and staff who are in the room need to be wearing masks; all Block 2 classes have been full attendance for the last four weeks, and because they are a collection of students from different morning cohorts we need to be adamant that students and staff are properly protecting each other. 

Group A/B Rotation:  The Group A / B schedule as we conclude one quarter and begin the second listed below: