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Townhall for Teens With Elizabeth May

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Townhall for Teens With Elizabeth May
by Jocelyne Pryer - Monday, 16 February 2015, 3:36 PM
Teens Townhall
On Friday, February the 13th the Institute for Global Solutions hosted the first annual Townhall for Teens. After a wonderful introduction by Danielle Warren (aka Dano) Mr. Neufeld went "George Stroumbolopoulous style" in our Learning Commons' and with our own big red chairs.  Over a hundred kids interacted with their Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, asking questions ranging from political reform to climate representation in Paris for December of 2015. After a heartfelt thank you by Mr. Frith, Grade 9 student Emilie Bunt presented a petition regarding Canada's renewable energy future and the future economy for Canada's young people. It was a very powerful finish to an amazing hour. No one can say that these teenagers aren't engaged in their democracy. The entire event was filmed by Mr. Aaron Norris and his team from Stelly's. We will publish an edited version when it is ready. Thank you to all involved!