The Amazing Reading Race

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At Claremont, we value reading so much that we give all students 15 minutes of each English class to read.  In my class, each page will equate to one kilometer in our class Amazing Reading Race challenge.  Every time you reach a destination, you will be given a badge that will be posted on the class website.  Students who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will also win a prize. 

What do I do after I finish a novel?

  • When you complete a novel, you must fill out a USSR Reading Response form and submit it.  I have placed a copy of the form on this website if you'd like to print out your own.

How do I gain bonus kilometers?

  • If you read a classic novel or any novel on our bonus book list, you will be granted double the kilometers.
  • Once you reach a destination, you will be automatically granted an additional 50 km to help kick start the next leg of the race.

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Good Luck!

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